I'm a  Creative Producer for White Eagle Productions, a wonderful production company that has written for many hit Tv shows and designed for everything under the radar, Past clients include NBC Universal, The Blacklist, Brimmer Street Theatre, Michael Dunbar Limited, Kennedy/Park&Mooring and the DarkSauce-GasRat-Gordon Project.  I myself  have been writing and designing for 15 years. Currently I'm developing my latest pilot with my partner while juggling dozens of design projects. Wouldn't have it any other way.  I design in all mediums and usually incorporate Illustrator and Photoshop in most of my designs. If I had to name creative inspirations, they would be, Moffat, Gatiss, Vignelli, Eames, Johnston, Radom, Kandinsky, Crouch and my incredible circle of artists that I call family/friends in no particular order.

If you like what you see or read, drop me a line, or follow me on twitter/instagram @lacarlos